Biqem | History
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BI-QEM dates back to 1955 when the cornerstone of the BI-QEM Group has been laid to produce thermoset molding compounds in Tradate, under its previous name Chemiplastica.


Upon having a considerable success in the market, in 1968 BI-QEM has established another plant in Carbonate of approximately 42,000 m2, which revealed more opportunities to grow further. In the meantime, new know-how has been developed and with the renewal of the technology used for production, the plant was customized to produce the best quality product available in the market. Tradate and Carbonate plants continued to work hand in hand until Tradate has merged with Carbonate in 2004.


For growing the market in the American continent and after NAFTA was signed, BI-QEM has established a brand new facility in Villagran, Mexico in 1996. On account of the well-thought decision, the BI-QEM Group has become the first supplier both in North and South America for thermoset molding compounds.


In 2001, following the restructuring of thermoset molding compounds market in the US, BI-QEM has acquired the assets of AC Molding Compound in Dallas, which have then been relocated within the BI-QEM Group to add more production capacity.


In 2008, in order to strengthen its position in Europe, BI-QEM has acquired its then major competitor, Raytor Molding Compound, which was a part of the Swedish Perstorp Group together with its subsidiaries in Sweden and USA. The new investment strengthened the position of BI-QEM as a major supplier for the market.


In 2009, as a part of the strategy to expand to emerging markets, BI-QEM has acquired 60% of Özbay Plastik, a well-known thermoset molding compound producer in Istanbul, Turkey. Such acquisition was strategic to strengthen the position of the BI-QEM Group in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia.


After becoming the global largest supplier of thermoset molding compounds market, BI-QEM took a step ahead and started to diversify its product portfolio. In 2010 a new investment decision was made and BI-QEM acquired Chimeco, a company specialized in production of specialty chemicals with a strategic position in the global market. Following the acquisition, the plant was restructured in line with the quality and safety requirements of BI-QEM and started to operate as Chemiplastica Specialties.


In 2012, BI-QEM acquired PA Resins, a reputable producer of phenolics and melamine resins, which was owned by the Swedish Perstorp Group. With this acquisition, BI-QEM added a new product line to its portfolio and achieved to create a synergy between its thermoset molding compounds production and resins production.


In 2017, BI-QEM acquired the remaining 40% shares of Chemiplastica Plastik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. (formerly known as Özbay Plastik) and became the sole owner of the Turkish company following which production in Turkey has become even more strategic.


The year 2018 was a milestone for BI-QEM. With the intention to welcome new challenges offered by the global market, BI-QEM has decided to change its historical and well-known name from Chemiplastica to BI-QEM. The change of name is driven by the diversification of product lines, constantly increasing attention to the environmental matters and welcoming approach towards global extension and strengthened presence.